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This most recent configuration of the SABRA microphone modular system meets the need to position firmly, safely and with versatility, larger and heavier microphones, combining in a single set-up the renown SSM-1 universal noise suppressing elastic microphone support  with the high precision, 5,5” diameter, double face pop filter – SPF at a surprising low cost.


The SSM-POP consists of the following items:

  • 01 articulated arm, formed by a 200 mm hexagonal aluminum bar and a 150 mm hexagonal aluminum bar.

  • 02 elastic suspension rings.

  • 01 central elbow with ratcheted central axis, with a 5/8” universal female tread at its base, attachable to any conventionalmicrophone stand.


The significant  firmness of the SSM-POP is due to the elastic suspension rings being attached to the 200 mm bar and to the pop filter’s 150 mm bar, creating a compact structure with the necessary flexibility to attach the pop-filter.


The SSM-POP, predominantly designed to be used vertically, perfectly accommodates larger and heavier microphones, like NEUMANN U87 or other similar large and heavy microphones, with extremely easy adjustment  and locking, allowing conventional or inverted configuration, conserving the high performance of the microphone being used.


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