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In audio signal capturing by microphones, there is a leak of unwanted mechanical noises through the microphone stand, caused by vibrations on stage, by the kick drum, by low frequencies of the amplifier, by the artist's choreography on stage, etc. One of the conventional solutions is to adopt electronic recourses, such as noise gate reduction, re-equalization (shut down of low frequencies), etc. Thus, no doubt, we are interfering with the signal's dynamics, reducing our system's head room, consequently harming the signal's quality and naturalness.

The SSM-1 (Universal Noise Suppressor Microphone Support) comes to meet the following premise:

"For acoustic problems, acoustic solutions."

Isolating physically the microphone from its stand, the SSM-1 succeeds in filtering the undesirable noises to an extent of approximately 15 dB and at a very low cost. Its mounting versatility and adjustability makes it compatible with most microphone sizes and types available on the market.

For the correct mounting of the mic. just weave it through the parallel rubber bands of each ring, two by two. Suitable to any mic. shape (tubular or conical) up to 2" diameter.

The central articulated support can be fixed anywhere on the hexagonal rod, to compensate for any imbalance of the mic's gravity center.


Click the pictures bellow, to see different forms of attaching the SSM-1 to several kinds of microphones:


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